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Make It Simple For Customers

A toll-free number can be your most cost-effective sales tool. It makes it easy for customers to reach you.

Smart800 Benefits

  • Quickly get a new toll-free number
  • Transfer your existing numbers
  • Make your number memorable with a vanity number
  • Enjoy low per-minute rates with no setup fees

Smart800 Pricing

Choose between four pricing plans that include as many as 5,000 calling minutes per month.

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The simple way to get toll-free numbers.

Smart800 Features

The simple way to get toll-free numbers.

Make it easy for customers and prospects to call

Keep your costs low with flat rates

Get a vanity number to brand your business

Choose from four pricing plans

Transfer your existing numbers to our lower rates

Easy-to-use, web-based administration

Smart800 Pricing

Pro Plan includes a free vanity number! Add a vanity number to any other plan for just $25

$9.80 Month


200 minutes included
4.9¢ per additional minute

$17.50 Month


500 minutes included
3.5¢ per additional minute

$58 Month


2,000 minutes included
2.9¢ per additional minute

$125 Month


5,000 minutes included
2.5¢ per additional minute


Terms and Conditions Calls originating from Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or other nearby island groups will have higher per minute rates that will vary by each of these regions. All calls must terminate in the continental US. Calls are charged a 30 second minimum with 6 second increments thereafter. The additional usage price applies after included monthly minutes have been used. Local, state, and federal taxes are charged where applicable.

There is a payphone surcharge of 65¢ per call for calls originating from pay telephones. Calls are charged a 30-second minimum with 6-second increments thereafter. Valid credit card required for service activation and monthly billing.

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