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File sync and sharing:

File sync and share makes collaboration simple. But there are a lot of choices—and a lot of overlapping services. Find the balance between ease-of-use and IT control. SecuriSync lets you sync files across your devices and share inside AND outside the company—while helping to keep your files secure and protected.

Sync Files Across Devices

Imagine never worrying about where you saved your file, or if you’ve got the latest version. SecuriSync lets you access your synced files from Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and virtually any device with a web browser. It’s file synchronization made easy.

24/7 Phone Suport

Microsoft Certified technicians. 24/7 phone and chat. Typical hold times of less than 60 seconds. And much more.

Integration with Office and Outlook

SecuriSync integrates across many different aspects of your end-users’ environment as well as your administrative environment. On Windows, our plug-ins put SecuriSync right inside your most frequently-used Microsoft apps and gives you the power to co-edit files.

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Not all cloud services are created equal.

SecuriSync Features and Benefits

SecuriSync offers file collaboration that’s truly business grade. Explore its features and benefits—including selective syncing, admin file management, co-editing and more.

Syncing and Sharing

SecuriSync mirrors the desktop and mobile interfaces that your users are generally already familiar with. This helps improve desktop and mobile file sharing while making it as easy for users to collaborate as it is for administrators to manage.


It’s no accident that “secure” is in the name: not only does SecuriSync help ensure secure file sharing, it offers high levels of file storage protection and service reliability. This includes at-rest and in-transit encryption, remote wipe capabilities, and a 99.999% uptime guarantee.


SecuriSync is managed through HostPilot, the same control panel that’s used for provisioning, billing, and user management across all our services. It keeps things simple by leveraging your existing Office in the Cloud and Active Directory settings.


SecuriSync integrates across many different aspects of your end-users’ environment as well as your administrative environment.

SecuriSync Pricing

You can buy SecuriSync as a standalone service or bundled with our Office In The Cloud suite.

10 GB Per User

10 GB Disk Space


100 GB Per User

100 GB Disk Space


Unlimited GB Per User

Unlimited GB Disk Space


The Admin File Management feature is included with the 100 GB and Unlimited packages. You can add Admin File Management to the 10GB per month package for just $1 per user, per month.

Office In The Cloud™

SecuriSync is one of 20+ essential applications integrated into Office in the Cloud.

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