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AppID Is Simple To Deploy

Whether you’re an existing customer or not, you’ll find that AppID is simple to deploy.

  • Existing customers: we’ve designed AppID to integrate with your Office In The Cloud identity infrastructure. You simply click to deploy AppID to any or all users. And it’s simple to manage—no admin training is required.
  • New customer? No problem. AppID easily integrates with your on-premises Active Directory server. (If you need Active Directory, we can provide that for you, too.)

SSO Has Been Too Hard To Deploy

Single sign-on solves the problem of too many apps. Unfortunately, it’s always been too hard for smaller businesses to deploy.

The Challenge Of The Cloud

The more web apps you have, the harder it is to ensure security, manage costs and maintain control. This leads to insecure password practices, inefficent employees, and big security risks.

SSO To ALL Businesses

With no infrastructure pre-requisites, AppID is effortless to deploy. And it’s backed by our enterprise-grade security, 24/7 support and ongoing innovation.

Ready to get started with AppID?

The single sign-on service that’s simple for ANY business to deploy.

AppID Features

AppID helps improve your security, lowers the cost of managing your cloud,
and helps your employees be more productive. Here’s how.

Lower The Cost Of Your Cloud

AppID reduces the two main causes of wasted money across your cloud footprint: license waste and support calls.

Works With Virtually Any Web App

AppID stores passwords and manages access for virtually any web-based app, including proprietary apps you’ve developed yourself and run from your own datacenter.

Increase Employee Productivity

At the heart of AppID is a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution that creates a single point of access to the web apps an employee uses, regardless of provider.

Enforcing Strong Password Policies

Your users can access their web apps with just one password, eliminating the temptation for them to take password shortcuts that can introduce security holes.

Pricing for AppID

You can buy AppID as a standalone service or bundled with our Office In The Cloud suite.


Unlimited Apps



Unlimited Apps


*3rd-party app quota varies per plan. Overages are billed at $5 per user, per month. Prior to charges being billed, the designated administrator will be notified of pending charges and options for upgrading.

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AppID is one of 20+ essential applications integrated into Office in the Cloud.

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